Small donations can make a big difference

/ Who is Hussain -Belgium

This project was ended 31/05/2020

If we are asking for your help today, it is because we are convinced that these small aids will make a big difference in the lives of homeless peoples at the moment. We want to be proactive during these difficult times because together, even with such small donations like the ones we are proposing to you, we can make a big difference.

During this pandemic that is strongly affecting our country, we decided to implement several actions. One of them is the provision of hygienic kits for the benefit of the homeless as well as masks and hydro-alcoholic gel for healthcare personnel, whether they are Red Cross members, doctors, street nurses or volunteers. 

In order to help everyone, and in particular those who have been mostly neglected during this crisis, we would like to provide the homeless with hygiene kits containing :

  • a soap, 

  • shower gel, 

  • toothpaste, 

  • a toothbrush, 

  • a razor, 

  • a sanitary napkin 

  • and vitamin D. 

For only 7 euros per kit, you can provide invaluable help.

You can also help, for only 10 euros, by offering hydro-alcoholic masks and gels to the nursing staff and volunteers who help the homeless on the front line.