/ Auxilio! & Imazi.Reine

This project was ended 31/05/2020

Do you want to financially support Brussels residents with an income around and below the poverty line in the purchase of vital food and supplies?

Imazi.Reine and Auxilio! united, because #WeWantToHelp. Are you helping too?

In times of crisis, people in poverty are hit the hardest. Vulnerable groups also make a higher chance to be contamination by the coronavirus.

Due to the chaos of this crisis, people do not immediately find the necessary support. We proactively reach people and gauge their urgent needs.

What does # We Want to Help mean?


  • The reimbursement of cash receipts to make vital food and supplies accessible to everyone.
  • Paying off outstanding debts in local shops that work with a debt book. This, to reach the most vulnerable in our society.
  • Handing out hygiene packages in local shops to ensure collective well-being.

Do you need help? Or do you know someone in need?

Contact us by mail (wewanttohelp@hotmail.com) or by phone (+32 489 15 19 54).

# We Want To Help! Are you helping?