Surface. A physical performance influenced by water.

/ Familiar Faces

This project was ended 29/10/2020

With 'Surface', the acrobatic collective Familiar Faces ventures into a new area: water. Business as usual isn't possible any longer. We have to adapt and investigate into how water influences our movement language. Together with you we want to reflect on what it means to give up control.

The first drop

The project was born when, during an outside performance, it started raining. With raindrops running down our faces and with a glance at each other, we decided to continue. We had no choice but to adapt, we started sliding instead of walking and letting go instead of holding on. Meanwhile the audience had armed themselves with umbrellas and raincoats and so we managed to continue together, regardless of the difficulty. After the rain had passed , without us knowing, it had left us an idea that we would discover only weeks later.

Influenced by partner acrobatics, Surface is a full-length performance created and presented by an international group. It is a research on how we relate, as humans , to forces that go beyond our control. Water sustains our lives, it drowns the lowest grounds while we seek the highest tops. When we look down, we see ourselves looking up. The water offers us a clear reflection, yet we see it through muddled eyes.


Period of growth*
*(and the struggles that come with it)

The first support was through the European circus platform called Circusnext. Nominated as laureates it allowed us to further develop the project. In the next phase we gathered three co-producers, namely Festival Circolo in the Netherlands , LEME festival in Portugal and Cirkl in Belgium. 


Time to bloom

That said we are still missing 10 000 euros to finish the piece. Therefore we ask for your support. The budget will be used:

  • to pay the salary of our light designer so the audience can actually see us
  • to pay our dramaturg, who will keep us from losing our path 
  • for the custom made floor to not flood the theatres
  • for seemingly insignificant things like bus tickets and tape

If you care about the development of a young company, about experimentation within circus and if you wish to help us realise this performance, your donation would contribute greatly. Don’t have much to spare? Consider sharing our project and help us get the word out!


When can we taste the fruits 

The reward-tickets for the performances can be used for one of the following dates:

07.11.20 ->  Leuven (BE)                  
20.11.20 ->  WUK, Vienna (AT) (FULL)
21.11.20 ->  WUK, Vienna (AT) (FULL) 
25.11.20 ->  Pelt (BE)
27.11.20 ->  Blankenberge (BE)
28.11.20 ->  Wetteren (BE)
03.12.20 ->  Léme Festival (PT) 
04.12.20 ->. Léme Festival (PT)

For more info and tour dates check our website or Facebook.



Time to share

We want to make a contribution towards a local organization that invests in education and helps raise awareness on the use of water. Therefore we decided to make a donation each time you, our sponsors, refuse your reward. If you decide to refuse your reward, 10% of your contribution to the crowdfund will go to the project Brusselse Waterklassen, who organise workshops for 4th, 5th and 6th graders to learn about sustainable water consumption.