Let’s keep the wood from the Sonian Forest local!

/ Sonian Wood Coop.

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/ Sonian Wood Coop.

Sonian Wood Coop. That’s us. Us, that is Stephan, Hanne, Benjamin, Martin and Adrian. But we are not alone. The shocking realization that our Sonian wood is being shipped away, has brought together a wider group of citizens, designers, scientists, woodworkers and forest managers. And hopefully now also you! Furthermore we get support from organisations such as Osmos, le Centre Ecologie Urbaine, les amis de Forêt de Soignes, Walden Project, Leefmilieu Brussel, ULB and who knows maybe also your organisation?

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This project was ended 17/02/2020

Every year some trees are felled to strengthen the biodiversity of our forest. A big part of this timber, however, is shipped to Asia! Let’s keep our wood here for our local economy.

Help us to buy a first batch of Sonian wood. Through craftsmanship and cooperation, we can make it part of our lives.

Sonian wood

Most of us know the Sonian Forest as a beautiful area for walking and reconnecting to nature.

For hundreds of years the Sonian Forest has produced wood. Today, every year a careful selection of trees are felled and replaced by new ones. This is done to increase biodiversity and to adapt to climate change.  

This process generates tons of wood. But instead of using it locally, the wood ends up being sold and shipped to Asia aka the other side of the world. This is absurd!

At the same time, we furnish our homes, schools and work spaces with (re-)imported wood from far away, which creates even more environmental impacts. This is even more absurd!!

With your help, we will change this.

Support us to:

  • buy a first batch of Sonian wood
  • set up a workshop
  • transform the wood with local crafts(wo)men

Our plan

The overall objective is to relocate the transformation of wood and keep all of the wood from the Sonian Forest here.

From the sawing of the trees to the final products, the Sonian Wood Coop. will organise the sustainbable production of local high-quality wood. This will boost local crafts and jobs.

Join us to explore the many exciting things we can do with this precious local resource. This way the amazing Sonian Forest will become even closer to our lives and consciousness.

Become part of our woody community and:

  • Spread the word that it is important to keep the wood local. Invite friends to join. Share our message on social media.
  • Support us with a donation through the Growfunding platform.
  • Join our launch event on December 12 (and bring along ALL of your friends) !
  • Want to do even more? We love you. You can become an ambassador of the Sonian Wood Coop. and actively support our activities. Click above and Hanne will get in touch.

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Centre d’écologie urbaine asbl | Osmos Transversal Planning | Bruxelles Environnement |  MAD Mode & Design Centre | Chair for Circular Economy and Urban Metabolism/ULB | Amis de la Forêt de Soignes | Société Royale Forestière de Belgique | Walden Project