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Plastivor originated in one of the many Brussels cafés. We - three Brussels Ecologists in heart and soul (but especially head) - decided (over a pint) that it was high time to roll up our sleeves and actually DO something. Plastivor took shape in a supervision process at Coopcity. Now we are ready to launch our project and start production! Our name refers to: (1) recycling plastic and thus actually devouring it, we are the carnivores of the Plastic Age; (2) we see plastic as a valuable raw material, the ivory of our time.

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This project was ended 09/07/2018

Brussels burns plastic on a large scale, plastic that can actually be recycled. Plastivor shows that plastic has value by making objects from this waste. It is a raw material from which we make beautiful and durable lamps. Recycled & Made in Brussels in the social economy.

Today, Brussels burns all plastic packaging that does not end up in the blue bag. That is not only bad for the environment, but it is also just plain silly. You can make something beautiful with that rubbish instead. We see plastic waste as a valuable raw material. Recycling is essential in our Plastic Age, because according to Eurostat, the production of plastic packaging continues to rise (+8.3% over the past ten years in Europe). That is why we are rolling up our own sleeves in a low-threshold, low-tech and socially responsible way.

Plastivor melts non-contaminated plastic packaging (LDPE) and caps (HDPE) and forms it into unique lamps. We do this in cooperation with a sheltered workshop. First, we melt the plastic at a high temperature. Then we compress it in a mould into a new object. We let that object cool down, and we finish it off carefully. Every lamp is unique! We ensure affordability by working with locally collected plastic, a local workshop and local sales outlets. A short chain and 100% Made in Brussels.

We want to start up our production as soon as possible. When we reach our target, we will buy an oven, a printing press and moulds with the capital we have raised. We also ensure the production of our first line of lamps in a sheltered workshop in Brussels. That means that you are not only investing in the start-up of the project, but also in the local social economy! In return, you will receive one of our rewards.

If we do not meet our target, you will simply receive the money you deposited back in your bank account.

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