Research and development

R&D is one of the cornerstones of Growfunding. The platform, which is the result of applied research (Odisee), wants to continue to play a pioneering role in the further expansion of social impact crowdfunding through research and development.


Current and completed research projects

  • ESF research project (January 2013 - November 2013): The European Social Fund approved the project of the Miro research group (Social Work, Odisee) with the following research question: “How can crowdfunding be used to capitalise on the city’s social, cultural and economic potential?”


  • Project for Brussels (December 2013 - February 2014): The project “Growfunding as a lever for urban solidarity” was launched thanks to a subsidy from the Flemish Community via Projects for Brussels. Thirteen projects in Brussels, ranging from citizens’ initiatives to projects by new and established companies, were launched on the experimental and temporary test platform growfunding/bxl. After three months, 66,600 euros had been raised from more than a thousand participants. Eight of the thirteen projects raised at least 100% of their funding goal.


  • Development of project support (March 2014 - October 2014): On the basis of a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the research data, researchers developed project support, tailor-made for small urban projects. The development of this innovative social impact methodology was financed by Odisee.


  • Social urban development at Thurn & Taxis (January 2015 - June 2015): The first experimental partner page was launched in cooperation with JES, Toestand, Parckfarm TT and Le Début des Haricots. It was launched with the aim of using a research campaign to learn how Growfunding could be used to create an informal urban network in and around the new park at Thurn & Taxis, one of the strategic development zones in the Brussels Region. Four projects were launched on the experimental partner page at the time: The experience gained during the experiment led to the launch of the partner pages. This research was financed by Odisee and the Brussels-Capital Region.


  • Social success meter (September 2015 - June 2017): Generally speaking, the success of a crowdfunding project is solely measured by its financial success, i.e. the extent to which the project owner succeeds in reaching the funding goal. With this new research project, Growfunding (in cooperation with the IT and Social Work programmes at Odisee) wants to make social success as visible as financial success and increase the visibility of the impact a crowdfunding campaign has on a project owner’s social network. The researchers are Matthias De Schoenmacker, Davy De Winne, Jasper Poppe & Katja Verbeeck (team leader).


  • Customised project support for young people (ongoing request): Growfunding regularly receives requests from young people who are looking for support in realising their projects. Our current project support is primarily aimed at adults and provides insufficient support for youth campaigns in reaching their financial and social objectives. Growfunding wants to maximise the social impact of projects for socially vulnerable young people by developing a customised youth project methodology.


Want to do research with us?

Growfunding values cooperation both in crowdfunding as well as in research. The platform generates a unique abundance of quantitative and qualitative data. Universities, colleges and students who want to propose a research project can contact




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