Privacy beleid

Chapter 1: Summary

art 1.1 Personal details

The website is the property of Growfunding vzw, hereafter simply referred to growfunding, with head office at Boulevard Leopold II 26, 1081 Brussels and business register number BE 657.921.306 .

When using the user is asked to fill-in certain personal details:

Growfunding uses the data in managing data files and the website; for (improving) the community services on offer; for analysis and research; for informing the user about projects and updates emanating from growfunding.

In accordance with the revised Act of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of the individual’s private life, the user has a number of rights regarding their personal details:

  • the right to inspect gives them the right to consult the details collected on them
  • the right to correct gives them the right to access and modify personal details relating to them
  • the right to oppose gives them the right, when asked and free of charge, to oppose the future processing of personal details in the event that the processing should be carried out with a view to direct marketing

For more information: Commission for the protection of privacy, Ministry of Justice, Hoogstraat 139, 1000 Brussels.

art 1.2 Amendment privacy policy

As a result of revised community service, users’ feedback or amendments to the legislation, growfunding/BXL can, without prior notice, amend its Privacy policy. The last update dates from 25 march 2015. The amendments were made public on

art 1.3 Contact

Should the user have questions, comments or feedback on growfunding’s Privacy policy, these can be sent to or put in writing and addressed to Growfunding.

Chapter 2: Policy

Growfunding respects and protects the privacy of its users and does all that is necessary to protect the personal details of its users. Growfunding’s Privacy policy specifies how it receives, collects and processes details, when the visitor/user visits and/or appeals to the community service coupled to it.

art 2.1 Visit

When the user only visits (without registering via their own account) growfunding does not request any personal details.

art 2.2 Registering

Only when the visitor uses the community service provided (such as following, supporting and launching projects) does growfunding asks them to register with an account entailing their entering their personal details.

Once the visitor has registered on with their account they become a user and:

  • accept the General Conditions of growfunding
  • agree with growfunding’s Privacy policy regarding the use of personal details
  • give growfunding the authorization to retain the details provided

Growfunding processes the details provided by the user in accordance with its Privacy policy and with Belgian legislation regarding the processing of personal details. The user guarantees that the details provided are theirs and/or have the authorization and/or have the right to share them. Growfunding has the right to either temporarily or permanently deny the user access to in the case of misuse such as providing false details or details of third parties without their authorization. Growfunding is in no way at all responsible and/or liable should users provide inaccurate or incorrect details on

art 2.3 Details provided by the user

By accepting the General Conditions the user authorises growfunding to receive, collect and process the personal details provided by him. The details are stored in a secure environment: in this respect only designated or authorized staff from growfunding/BXL can consult them in the course of their work and in accordance with growfunding’s Privacy policy.

Growfunding obtains the personal details provided when:

  • the user logs on with their own growfunding account or with a Facebook account and registers. When logging in via Facebook, growfunding asks access to the public Facebook profile, list of friends and e-mail address. In both cases the growfunding password filled in by the user is not visible (it is stored encrypted in a data base)
  • the visitor/user makes use of computer, cell phone, tablet or another device, also when more visitors/users are using the same device. This concerns data provided by Google Analytics including IP address, chosen language, the location, type of browser, pages visited, length of visit to a page. Besides this, growfunding/BXL also receives data through the use of cookies (see Chapter 3 Cookies)

art 2.4 Consulting and processing details

The growfunding designated or authorized staff concerned consult and process the personal details provided to further develop and optimize the community service: launching, following and supporting projects and all the activities associated with it.

art 2.5 Account

Via their account, the user can consult and modify the personal details that they provided growfunding. The user can modify their account, put it on non-active or even have it removed by writing an explicit request to growfunding (per email to with a copy of their identity card in attachment. On condition that no essential details are lost, growfunding will comply with the request within 30 days: the essential details include the best-effort obligation that the contributor, project holder and/or platform holder mutually enter into (see General Conditions).

Chapter 3: Cookies

The aim of cookies is to make surfing on the internet both easier and more pleasant.  Growfunding also chooses to recognize the user at their next visit. However, it doesn’t use cookies to identify the user. It only applies the details obtained via cookies, on a completely anonymous basis, for research purposes; for user statistics; for improving growfunding (, community service, …).

art 3.1 What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of the computer being used as soon as a website is visited. The file comprises the name of the cookie, its value (that can be a unique code), the expiry date and the domain name to where the cookie will be sent the next time the same website is visited. Via the cookie the server recognises the computer, analyses surfing behaviour and gears the search results to the personal preferences of the visitor/user. The cookie cannot be read by another website other than the website that made it.

art 3.2 Refusing cookies

The visitor/user can configure their browser in such a way that it can prevent cookies being made and/or that they are notified every time. The website provides more information on how to refuse cookies. Refusing a cookie however, makes it more difficult to surf and sometimes even impossible. Also will not always function (or not as well) when cookies are not accepted or removed.

art 3.3 Accepting cookies

When the user on visiting clicks on the link “continue” (without adapting the cookie settings) they are assumed to have accepted the cookies. The visitor can always remove previously installed cookies later on from their computer, tablet or other mobile device.

Cookies make searching more efficient by automatically refining certain data such as for example language choice from the second visit onwards. There are two types of cookies:

  • session cookies only remember the preferences throught the duration of a surf session
  • permanent cookies remain active until they are removed by the visitor/user or until the  final date of the cookie is reached also recognises the visitor/user and uses the following cookies:

  • certain cookies are indispensable when visiting Rejecting these cookies results in a less than optimum usage
  • functional cookies make visiting a pleasanter and more personal surfing experience
  • performance cookies contribute to usability and the user experience with, for instance, cookies that count the number of separate visitors or the most consulted pages
  • other cookies redirect via clickable links to other websites where possibly again other  cookies will be generated (read the privacy policy of the websites)