How does it work?

Growfunding is based on two principles: reward-based and all or nothing.

You receive a tailor-made reward in exchange for your contribution to a project. The campaign is only successful when the project has raised at least 100% of the target amount, after which the funds are transferred to the project owners. If not, your donation will be reimbursed to you.

All the projects on were hand-picked by our staff, and received special guidance. This is our way of ensuring that your contribution will find its way to the right people.

Support a project

You receive a unique reward from the project owners in exchange for every contribution.

- Go to the page of your preferred project. Choose which contribution you want to make.
- Is this your first time supporting a Growfunding project? Then start by creating an account.
- Your personal information will only be used to send you your reward.
- Your contribution will be held in a secured suspense account until the end of the campaign.

After the campaign

Once the target amount has been raised, the project owner will contact you. He or she will inform you when and how you will receive your reward.

If the target amount is not reached, Growfunding simply transfers the donations back to the growfunders.