YOUTH FOR YOUTH - Forumtheater in times of quarantine

/ BK6, an open platform for creative changemakers


/ BK6, an open platform for creative changemakers

BK6 is an open platform for those who want to change Kortrijk and surroundings through art & creativity. It links artists to a social challenge. In this project, BK6 matches Har Tortike and his theater crew (photo) with youth services hit by the corona crisis.

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This project was ended 14/05/2020

We want to give 80 young people in youth institutions the opportunity to participate in online "forumtheater" led by Har Tortike. In this current situation, young people in institutions are mainly dependent on each other and feel locked up. LET'S GIVE THESE YOUNGSTERS A VOICE!

We did it!

Thanks a million to everyone who supported the project. The first 4 sessions have been made possible. But we continue! A fifth session, a sixth? All extra resources will be used in additional sessions and the live forum theater performance in the fall, to which we invite you as growfunders! Organizations or young people who want to participate in the project can also still register at

The current situation for young people in a youth institution is very difficult. They are no longer allowed to see family or friends and are therefore dependent on each other. They feel trapped and are emotionally not well. How can we support them through art and creativity?


Youngsters with a background in youth services play online forumtheater for and with young people in youth institutions in the Kortrijk region. They enter into dialogue about their own situation in times of quarantine under the guidance of theatermaker Har Tortike. They share their stories and look for alternatives, solutions, understanding. They help our youngsters to be stronger today and in the future.

The members of Har's forumtheater crew are a positive role model for others who today do not feel well in the institutions and who cannot easily tell their story. Young people support young people. They come from the same background and can make the lives of the young people in our region a lot more bearable in times of quarantine.


BK6 would like to organize 4 sessions for young people within youth institutions in the Kortrijk region. 20 young people can participate per session. For this we need € 1200: € 300 per session. The forumtheater crew / youngsters are paid, as is artist Har Tortike. The use of the zoom webinar is also included in this price. We hope you will help us raise this amount.

To thank you for your contribution, we would like to invite you to participate in a forumtheater session after the summer. We will contact you after your donation with more details. Thank you for giving our young people a voice!

For more information about Har Tortike's forumtheater, click here.

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