Léa Bayekula - Goal: Tokyo 2020

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/ Royal White Star Athletic

The Royal White Star is an athletics club located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert/Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre/Sint-Pieters-Woluwe. This is the first Brussels club to offer disabled athletes a place where they can train.

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This project was ended 14/01/2018

Want to help Léa realise her dream? Join the adventure and contribute to the purchase of the professional equipment she needs to get to the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo!

Léa Bayekula is a 22-year-old disabled athlete from Brussels who attends the Royal White Star Athletic club in Brussels.
This athletics club based in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert/Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe believes in her and is pushing her to achieve her dream: to participate in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

As a result of her spina bifida, Léa does not have the use of her legs. It is therefore with the strength of her arms and her mental strength that she is fighting and training to get to this most prestigious of competitions.

Classed in the “T54” category, she is improving Belgium’s record for 200m and is within a few hundredths of Belgium’s record for 100m. In June 2017, she won the Belgian Championship title for 200m.
Both ambitious and courageous, Léa is training hard to achieve her goals. Already recognised by the Ligue Handisport Francophone as an “espoir aspirant” or promising contender, Léa is aiming for the “Elite” category, which would be synonymous with a professional athlete.

In order to achieve that, Léa needs higher quality equipment. Only in possession of a training wheelchair for the time being, Léa is already proving all her potential by achieving some incredibly fantastic performances. A competition-class wheelchair would allow her to continue to improve and to perform at an even higher level.

The cost of this equipment is out of her reach, and this is why we have decided to appeal to the generosity of sports fans or anyone who wants to help Léa achieve her goals. From €10 to €100 (or maybe even more?), any amount is welcome. We need to reach a sum of €10,000 or so.

In order to thank her sponsors, Léa will give them rewards based on the amount of money given. This will take place during the “Grand Prix William Kevers” organised by her club in April. Léa will also be able to present her competition-class wheelchair by participating in the event with it.

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