The fight to save our healthcare sector

/ Say no to a market-driven healthcare system

This project was ended 02/05/2020

Do you want to support frontline healthcare personnel in the fight against the coronavirus?

“Santé en Lutte” is a movement of medical professionals fighting against a market-driven healthcare system, during and after the COVID-19 crisis.


Thank you all ! In less than one week, we received more than 5000 euros to support the Health in Struggle project. Do not hesitate to continue supporting us, the growfunding is not finished!
Each euro collected will strengthen our movement so that we can mobilize as widely as possible and create a strong social movement for the refinancing of health!
Each banner and each t-shirt sold will spread our demands against the commodification of health more widely!

Healthcare workers are fighting to halt an unprecedented pandemic. The coronavirus creates an additional stress in a sector that has been overloaded, understaffed and underfunded for years. 

Nurses, doctors, administrative staff, logistical personnel... They are all doing their best to take care of the Belgian population, but they need our support.

More than ever, they remind us...

  • of the importance of having enough staff, trained and properly paid;
  • that in a hospital every type of worker is crucial and that a general reinforcement of the workforce is urgently needed; 
  • that access to healthcare is a human right for everyone, rich and poor;
  • that private companies should not be allowed to control access to drugs, disinfectants, masks, etc.

They need our support to organize their fight for sustainable financing of the healthcare sector!

Contributions will be used to hold meetings, design and distribute material, support colleagues who want to help,...

For every donation over €10, you receive a "Santé en Lutte”- t-shirt or a hand printed poster with a message of support to put on your window or balcony (120 x 80 cm). The order and delivery will be arranged by email after your donation. 

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