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Nakama, Molenbeek Rebels Basketball, D'Broej, Maks & Bx Brussels are joining forces to bridge the digital gap.

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This project was ended 31/05/2020

Everyone online during the Covid-19 crisis, including children and young people in Brussels. Five Dutch-speaking youth organizations want to provide laptops to children and young people growing up in a socially vulnerable situations in Brussels. These youths need laptops in order to complete their school tasks and to stay in touch with the outside world. 



Children and young people need to complete their school tasks online. However: many children and young people in Brussels do not have a computer. They risk hopelessly falling behind at school.

A computer can also be used for contact with the outside world and for group moments with friends and peers. After all, social isolation has an extra negative effect on young people whose well-being is shaky already.

Five Brussels youth organizations (Nakama, Molenbeek Rebels BasketballD'Broej, Bx Represent and Maks)  want to tackle the digital distress of Brussels youth growing up in vulnerable situations. The digital divide is not new, the Covid-19 crisis only makes the situation more miserable. 


The youth workers of the abovementioned organizations know the context of these young people well, enjoy their trust and that of their parents. This makes them privileged persons to offer help.

During these weeks in lockdown, the youth workers have maintained individual telephone contact with the young people. They support them wherever they can and notice a great need for group moments. For the young people who have a laptop, they regularly set up online chats. We would love to make these good moments together and the chance to do their schoolwork online, to all young people.


In the coming days and weeks, the Brussels youth organizations want to provide a laptop to the children and young people who need one and who are particularly hard hit by the Covid-19 crisis. This growfunding project is one of the ways we are doing that.


  • Nakama is a collective of young people from Brussels who want to dedicate themselves to the children and young people of Brussels. Nakama is Japanese for "friend, comrade, companion" and that is what we want to be for generations to come. From our own experience we know that it is not always easy to find a place where you feel at home, where you are among friends and where you are also stimulated to learn from each other.
  • BX Represent is a socio-sports organization founded in 2013 by national soccer player Vincent Kompany. Through various sports associations along the Brussels Canal Zone, BX supports 1350 young people and 175 volunteers. BX starts from the strength of young people and volunteers in sports clubs and focuses on social cohesion, self-development, language and the road to education, training and employment. The strong growth of BX in recent years underlines the importance of sports clubs as institutions to unite and give opportunities.
  • D'BROEJ's 8 youth activities reach 2,600 children and young people in Brussels through the activities and projects they set up in their free time. The vast majority of them grow up in a socially vulnerable situation. D'BROEJ supports these young people in their development and on their way to emancipated citizens. The youth workers do this with a wide range of activities: sport, creativity, widening the world of life through excursions, etc. In 2019, the 8 youth workers set up 224 workshops per week. They always start from the young people themselves. This growfunding project is fully in line with the work that our youth work activities have been developing for years or even decades: to provide an answer to the needs of children and young people in a fragile social environment from a relationship of trust in order to offer them as many opportunities as possible.
  •  Maks vzw is a neighborhood organization in Kuregem and Oud Molenbeek that strives for digital inclusion and better access to the labor market. Our leisure activities for children and young people consist of 2 projects/ Capital digital and Creakids. At Capital digital, our programming school, we train 15 to 18 year olds as cipher animators. After the training they give workshops to children (8-12y) and earn a penny as a student. The youngsters between 12 and 15 years old can go to our making clubs. Creakids are after-school creative computer workshops for children aged 6 to 12. In 2019, Maks vzw reached 2707 children and young people from underprivileged groups.
  • Molenbeek Rebels Basketball is a social-sporting practice founded, organized and managed by young Brussels basketball players. The club stands for personal development and empowerment of girls growing up in vulnerable situations, building on their passion for basketball. Every girl aged 11 and over is given the opportunity to embark on a customized program with objectives relating to talent development, a commitment to club work, obtaining a diploma or acquiring competencies outside education. In the club, girls keep the cafeteria open, sit on the youth or club board and become certified coaches, animators and referees.

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