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This project was ended 13/07/2018

Fruitcollect picks fruit from private garden to redistribute to distressed people. Help us to diminish food waste and revalue our local resources by sharing them with people in need.

The FAO (the food and agriculture organisation of the united nations) claims that  45% of the yearly production of food and vegetables is unused. The level of waste is the highest of all the food products. And what’s more, people in need have no access to healthy and sustainable food, not even through the food banks.

What a paradox!

That’s why FruitCollect mission is to battle against food waste. Our most important action is, with the help of volunteers,  to pick unconsumed fruit from private gardens. The fruit is partly redistributed to social organisations that work with people in need. What rest is commercialised by social economy organisation that help to reintegrate people into our society. The revenue is used to finance our organisation and sustain our activities.

Our system works: over the past three years we picked over 10 tonnes of fruit in private orchards with the help of over 150 volunteers. A total of 750 beneficiaries connect to different organisations have enjoyed the fruits of the gatherings.

Our second activity is to gather all unsold fruit from fruit farms who showed interest in our project. We can collect over 1 tonne of unsold fruit every week. Who does better?!  To do better we need more fruit farms and we especially need a cooled transport van.

Support us with the new challenge

Our wish is to let you enjoy meaningful rewards and to let you discover the Brussels Changemakers! Do you want to learn more about permaculture, to visit a social economy enterprise, to receive a totebag to do you groceries, or to eat a menu cooked with foodwaste in a social restaurant? Taste bio-wine? Wll, that all possible!

What do we do with the crowdfunding budget?

If we reach 10.000€:

  • buy a normal transport van
  • finance the rewards and the campaign

If we reach 12.000€:

  • buy a normal transport van
  • pay the insurances
  • finance the rewards and the campaign

If we reach 15.000€

  • buy a COOLED transport van
  • pay the insurances
  • finance the rewards and the campaign


> 10 €: #KLAXON 

  • You’ll receive a sac with biological seeds to grow your own  vegetables. You’re also welcome to share a drink with us during  the closing party.

> 35€ (max 15): RETRO

  • Discover the wonderful garden of Muriel in Overijse during one afternoon. This passioned woman will explain you to ins and outs of permaculture: a vegetable garden, bees, fruit trees, eco-pont, flower beds, compost, and a glasshouse. And all that in a beautiful setting.

> 40 €:  #GEARS

  • Receive a MAXI 100% Fruitcollect package with our products (confits, jam, apple juice, apple-strawberry juice) à to tast with family and friends AND receive a small bio-fruit tree to plant in your garden or your balcony, or to give away!

> 50 € (max 30): #AIRBAG

  • OR get aFruitCollect fruit tree to plant in your garden
  • OR a lunch for two people in Café des Minimes to taste quality and seasonal products

> 60 € : #BLINKERS

  • Do you want to discover a family brewery with a formidable expertise? It possible now: A visit of the family brewery Caulier for 2 people, get a taste of their beers and leave with a sample worth 25€. What else?

> 70€ (max 10): #FREIN

  • Discover the innovative project of Champignon de Bruxelles, a cooperative that uses waste of beer production to produce delicious  Shiitake. Take a portion of Shiitake and recepties home.

> 85 € (limité à 5) : #SEATS

  • Enjoy a three courses menu in the bio-resto Les Filles for two people. Discover their tasty, local and seasonal kitchen with you + 1!


  • Rodrigo Marianu lat’s you tast a selection of 7 wines, from three different regions in Argentina. An exclusive tasting because  only 2.000 to 3.000 bottles per year are produced. And you get tapas alongside.

> 300€: #PNEUS

  • OR juice for one year: receive every week a botle of the wonderful juice of our fruit farm during one year.
  • OR a tour in the van along the Brussels fruit farms + the basics to create your own fruit farm.

> 1000€ (max 4): #MOTEUR

  • FruitCollect Package for families and businesses. We organise a fruit récup, transform part of it in delicious products and organise a zero waste cooking workshop.

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