Dance marathon ‘Beat Corona’

/ Dansstudio Crescendo

This project was ended 17/04/2020

Dance studio Crescendo invites you to join a 12-hour dance marathon on April 17th from 11am! Various professional teachers will give 16 online dance and yoga classes to raise money for Passarelle, a platform for young dancers.

The corona virus affects us all. Not a single sector is spared, not even the dance sport. That's why we want to organize a 12-hour dance marathon on Friday April 17 from 11 am to 11 pm.

In addition to our own teachers, we were able to persuade some guest teachers to join our marathon with 16 different online live classes in various styles and levels (beginner / advanced). Including Zoë Guisson (funky jazz), Sandrine Balleux (ballet), Judith Clijsters (contemporary) and many others!

As a participant you pay once to get access to the classes on the streaming platform Zoom for the entire duration of the dance marathon.

We donate the entire proceeds to Passarelle. Passerelle supports children and young people and encourages them to develop artistically and personally through dance, movement, expression and performance. Passerelle has built up considerable expertise in working with socially vulnerable young people.