The coach bus: guidance for youngsters

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This project was ended 22/06/2020

The coach bus is an individual coaching project for young people and young adults who are stuck in education or work. By providing tailor-made guidance, asking questions and setting out with them, we want to make young people believe in themselves again. This gives them confidence in a positive future full of possibilities.



The current crisis hits young people in vulnerable situations especially hard. A lot of young people are struggling with the questions "Who am I?", "What do I want?", "What can I do?".

The coach bus is an alternative form of outpatient coaching for young people / adolescents who are in a problematic home situation. For them, the coach bus is literally a mobile "safe haven". We are close, accessible and flexible.

During the coaching sessions we temporarily take them "off the beaten track" (also literally) and stimulate them to think creatively about themselves and this world. From a metropolitan context, we go into nature, and we actively work on self-reflection, self-confidence and self-management.

The coach bus breathes freedom, autonomy, dreams, but also responsibility, clear goals and a plan. By going on the road together, the young people grow in their way to self-development. The frequency, location and content of the coaching is determined in consultation, but is not without obligation.

With the proceeds of this campaign, we can finally buy the bus. At the same time, your contribution makes sure that the coaching sessions are free to those young people who need it.