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This project was ended 12/03/2016

Cinemaximiliaan is a pop-up cinema for refugees.

UPDATE: Several artists have donated an artwork to Cinemaximiliaan. You can download the catalogue here. Art lovers who want to buy an artwork can contact give everybody the opportunity to make a choice, the campaign is prolonged by two weeks.  

The cinema was originally set up in Maximiliaan Park and consisted of a simple screen and a projector under a tarpaulin. Thanks to the screenings, the recently arrived newcomers experience a sense of comfort and security during the long dark nights. The cinema has been showing films daily since September 2015 thanks to the commitment of a growing group of volunteers.

Cinemaximiliaan is like a 'living room', a place where people can meet, exchange experiences and share good times with each other. The ties that are forged here give rise to new friendships and initiatives, which enable these newcomers to find their way in our society thanks to the cinema.

What do we want to achieve? Cinemaximiliaan wants to expand. Other asylum centres in Belgium are also searching for ways to enable refugees to relax and exchange experiences. We have received interest from volunteers from all over Belgium to organise screenings (from Houthalen-Helchteren to Lombardsijde, Sint-Niklaas, Namur, Hechtel-Eksel, Elsenborn and Ghent… and even as far as Lesbos). We also want to organise cultural trips for newcomers who live in the more remote centres.

However, we need your support in order to devise long-term initiatives and to maintain the network that exists because of Cinemaximiliaan. How will we put your contribution to good use?

  • We need additional equipment (projectors, speakers, dvd players and so on) in order to be able to work at different locations.
  • Your contribution will also be used to pay for the transport of these volunteers and to cover the cost of the cultural trips.
  • We’ll also start a non-profit organisation to ensure the coordination of the project on the long term.

The cinema project will thus give rise to a wider and more sustainable network, in which people can feel secure and at home. The project is now budgeted for one year.

How can you help us? Chip in and join us at one of the many events that we organise together with our cinema visitors! Just €10 will secure you a seat in the cinema, for €500 you get to enjoy your own private concert of Shalan Alhamwy! Listen to his