Emergency aid for the homeless

/ Caritas Vlaanderen supports people in need

This project was ended 05/05/2020

During this crisis, Caritas Vlaanderen provides emergency assistance to the homeless through CAWs and other organizations. We distribute hand sanitiser, hygiene kits and sleeping bags. Where needed we also provide humanitarian shelters. Your support helps us to provide this emergency aid!


The corona virus hits us hard. Healthcare is overburdened, but social services are also under pressure. That's bad news for the homeless. Caritas Vlaanderen, through its operational department Caritas Hulpbetoon, is deploying 40,000 euros to provide emergency aid at the request of various CAWs (centres for social well-being) and numerous other organizations that are committed to helping the homeless in Flanders and Brussels.

An increasing number of homeless people are looking for shelter. "Stay at Home" is no option if you don't have a home. The Flemish CAWs want options for when cases of illness should occur. Caritas Vlaanderen distributes sleeping bags and sleeping mats and provides mobile shelters with separate compartments and bunk beds.

Homeless people also want to be able to take hygienic measures. It is difficult to wash your hands if you don't have soap. Caritas Vlaanderen distributes hand sanitiser and 1500 hygienic kits to the social organizations in Flanders and Brussels.

Your donation helps us to finance these needs. Help vulnerable people in their fight against corona. Support us and make a difference!

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