Rent Strike Support Fund

/ Protect tenants against legal action!

This project was ended 20/06/2020

By supporting the strike fund, you are supporting rent strikers, helping their defense in case of legal action.
To the right to decent housing for all!

With the confinement imposed as a result of COVID-19, many individuals have lost all or part of their income, making it difficult for them to pay rent. All of this in a world of inflated rent prices. In the last several years, the price of rent has risen much faster than individuals' salaries, comprising a large portion of household spending (often up to 60%).

Unfortunately, a lone tenant has little power against their landlord. And we can expect the legal system to side with landlords, even in these exceptional circumstances.

It is urgent to both freeze rent payments for the entirety of the confinement period, as well as to demand that everyone has access to decent and affordable housing. Such demands for housing rights have been made for decades, but nothing has been done by politicians. We must come together to face this crisis and its consequences - this is the way to change our reality!

A rent strike has been called in order to make our collective voices heard!

However, this exposes tenants - whether striking or simply unable to pay their rent - to legal action. The goal of the strike fund is to protect tenants by paying their legal fees (specifically the legal fees of the lawyers we are working with) to the extent that the fund can afford and in the order of the addressed requests. We estimate a single tenant's defense at 2000€.

By contributing to the strike fund according to your means, you are supporting those unable to pay rent and those who have volunteered to strike in order to obtain better housing conditions for all!

Our right to housing must take precedence over the pursuit of profit!

Support the fund and receive a rent strike support poster to your home!    

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