Help young adults return to work after the corona crisis!

/ Muslinked & Free Hands vzw

This project was ended 22/05/2020

Too many young adults lose their job and future prospects during this time of crisis. Back@Work wants to support 100 young people with training, coaching and building a network. This way we help them get a job and get their future back on track!

The corona crisis is having a major impact on our economy: 40% of companies lost at least 75% of their income and half of them do not have enough resources to continue to pay the wages of their employees. A large proportion of the 1.2 million people who now find themselves without work are young adults. They often have temporary contracts in sectors that are particularly hard hit by the crisis: retail, catering, tourism, etc.

In response, Muslinked and Free Hands vzw want to help at least 100 young adults (18-30 years) in their search for a new job. With the Back@Work project we will focus on young adults from various sectors who have effectively lost their jobs due to the corona crisis. The goal of Back@Work is to help at least 80% of the participants find a new job within 3 months.


Young adults who wish to participate must register for the project themselves. After registration we follow up with a personal interview to identify their needs.

All registered candidates will be offered a two-tier training:

  • A general part to improve their soft skills (teamwork, impactful speaking, ...).
  • An individual coaching trajectory tailored to the talent range of the young person.

The training course takes a maximum of 3 months. The last step of the training is to update the CV and proofread motivation letters when applying. We also bring the candidates into contact with each other and with various employers to expand their network.


We want to start Back@Work as soon as possible, but need your help for this. The entire project will cost 10,000 euros: to pay our trainers and design, print and distribute communication and teaching materials. With your donation you will make a direct contribution to the future of our youngsters!


Everyone will be able to follow the progress of the project and the results on the Muslinked website. We will also measure the impact of the work and publish our results and experiences afterwards.

*** Follow updates en news about the campaign on the Facebook pages of Muslinked and Free Hands ***