Growfunding brings together people and resources to kick-start projects that make our society more resilient and sustainable. We believe that cooperation and solidarity can make the difference for those in need. Our projects prove that crowdfunding can be the motor for social and societal change.

Growfunding supports every campaign that respond to the coronacrisis by helping your neighbourhood or city through this difficult time.

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After the crisis, it’s time to celebrate with everyone who helped anddonated! A neighborhood party? A drink in your apartment? A conga line from Brussels to the coast? Everything is possible!

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/ From invisibility to economic independence

€13590 of €15000
Still 11 days
232 growfunders

€10410 of €10000
Still 8 days
119 growfunders

BulkBar, the zero waste bar for healthy snacks in companies.

/ For healthy eating and zero waste at the office!

€5335 of €7500
Still 12 days
71 growfunders

Brèche de Roland

/ A first EP to be released very soon!

€3835 of €10000
Still 26 days
71 growfunders

Gilbard: exchange and create locally

/ Construction / creation space in Anderlecht

€2056 of €6000
Still 26 days
70 growfunders

The eco-responsible sewing café where nothing is thrown away and everything is transformed!

Cofinancing by MCA recycling

€8192 of €9500
Still 53 days
60 growfunders

Dream Hut - a meeting place for Antwerp’s young people

Cofinancing by Fondation PV Stichting

€2288 of €15000
Still 26 days
42 growfunders

MAAKbar breaks loose

Cofinancing by SHAREPAIR

MAAKbar breaks loose

/ Team MAAKbar

€3624 of €25000
Still 63 days
39 growfunders

Walking Museum

/ One Art Foundation

€2085 of €25000
Still 68 days
27 growfunders

Civic Crowdfunding for Brussels and the surrounding region

Brussels is on the move. Our urban lab inspires and innovates. Growfunding helps you transform your idea into a project. Growfunding means financing your project. It’s all about communicating with and meeting new people (and learning how to as well). Growfunding means building a better city together from the bottom up.

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