Voel het oor en oog van Memling

/ Oltremontano - historic brass ensemble Antwerp


/ Oltremontano - historic brass ensemble Antwerp

Benieuwd hoe de instrumenten op het schilderij klonken? Samen met het KMSKA, het Centrum voor Muziekinstrumentenbouw Puurs & Psallentes Femina willen we deze muzikale droom realiseren. Steun deze droom en maak het mee vanop de eerste rij!

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This project was ended 12/03/2017

Do you ever wonder what the instruments in the painting sounded like? Together with the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA), the Centre for Musical Instrument Building Puurs and Psallentes Femina, we want to realise this musical dream.

Support the dream and experience it from the front row!

The Beginning...

2017 sees the beginning of the Artist in Residency of Oltremontano Antwerp in the KMSKA. It also brings the provisional completion (after 15 years!) of the restoration of one of the museum's masterpieces, "Christ with Singing and Music-making Angels" by Hans Memling.

On the painting, against a golden background, surrounded by dark clouds, a number of angels is singing and playing music. The instruments they play give us a beautiful overview of the 15th century instrumentarium: psalterium, vielle, shawn, trompette de menestrels, natural trumpet, lute, harp and tromba marina.

The representation on the painting is a suitable source for the study of instruments and historical performance practice. Together with the KMSKA, musicologists Karel Moens and Hendrik Van den Abeele and artistic leader Wim Becu, the instruments from the painting are being reconstructed and rebuilt at the school for musical instrument building in Puurs.

The Dream...

With your financial assistance, we can let people see, hear and feel the painting during a veritable Memling cycle: an all-encompassing experience of the painting!

In a series of concerts, music by Memling's contemporaries will be brought to life by Oltremontano Antwerp, played on precise copies of the instruments on Memling's painting: music that could literally have been heard by Memling! They will work together with Psallentes Femina, who will represent the singing angels.

In addition to this, a video montage will be created, with images of the painting's restoration alternating with images of the construction of the instruments, accompanied by a sound recording in which the instruments can be heard seperately and in combination with the vocals. There will also be an exhibition of the various instruments painted by Memling.

A concert for the blind and visually impaired will also be organised, where they will be able to "hear" the painting and feel the instruments and materials portrayed in the painting, while being able to "see" by way of the narrative description by a word artist.

Your Support...

This project can be realised with your support. Sign up for one of the rewards and/or share the project. In this way you not only support an Antwerp project, you also give financially less advantaged people the chance to hear, see and feel this project. With your contribution, tickets will be donated to the charities vzw Recht-op and Fonds Vrije Tijdsorganisatie.